Aleme Wintana – ኣለመ ዊንታና

Aleme Wintana (by Wintu)
Dear World,
Here, I want to master the art of expression.
How does one answer the why?
I long for inner salvation. 

Here, I will express to you my world.
While time is going by,
My truths and lies I wish to sort.

Who is walking on the face of the world,
Here, I describe some paths I am taking.
I still do not sense the high.
But there I sight the mountain right under the skies.

A little more on me…(nope, not vain at all)

I am a simple Eritrean girl (not yet ready to call myself a woman..smh) living in the diaspora.
I enjoy the walk on the life-long path of self-adjustment. My life I like to base on the believe that only a conscious lifestyle can ensure a balanced being.
As the future connects to the past I feel the need to comprehend my past first, including the pasts of my many ancestors. Eager to learn more about my origin, I deeply enjoy working for and its mission of Spreading Love.

Love, Wintu!

For any topic-requests feel free to contact me via e-mail or the comment section in the discussion tab.

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