Zerisenay Andebrhan – Fqri Lomi Qne | ፍቕሪ ሎሚ ቅነ – Part 1

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Henok Adiam and Mike meet up and talk about the difference between Men and Women. Mike and Henok share the view that women are only interested in men with full pockets while Adiam trys to prove them wrong. In order to do so she tells them a story about…………..

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Miras ሰላማት السلام عليكم and hello beautiful people :) Who is Miras ? My name is Miras I'm 22 and I love the eritrean culture. I am a lover of art and a little undercover philosopher. What is Miras position at LYE.tv ? Beside being a university student I am the head of office of LYE.tv so I spend most of the time with my great coworkers in the office either on the phone or behind the computer. And sometimes I find my self in front of the camera. This is a short description of who I am and what I do. To tell you frankly I am quite versatile. And I find it difficult to describe me using a few words I fail to put my personality in a category or box. Aaaaaaaaanyways hello there I am Miras and I am an old soul :)

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